Explore Plaza Grande in Merida Yucatan. The hearth of the city.

Plaza Grande in Merida Yucatan, also known as Independence Plaza or Plaza Mayor, is the heart of the city. Here you will find the Gubernamental Palace, the San Ildefonso Cathedral, the Municipal Palace, the Macay Museum, and the Olimpo cultural Center.

This city square has some of the most historically valuable and aesthetically charming buildings in the city of Merida.

Plaza grande is a colorful and vibrant location where you can find plenty of restaurants to sample the local cuisine and a variety of shops to purchase souvenirs.

Independence plaza or Plaza Grande is an excellent recreation area for children, youth, and adults. You can enjoy the colonial atmosphere by walking around the gardens or just sitting on a bench under the shade of old trees.

If you visit Merida, Plaza Grande is the place to start getting to know the city. Visit the San Ildefonso Cathedral, one of the oldest in Mexico, or take the walking tour of the city that begins at this plaza.

Great Place to Relax and People Watch

In Merida’s typical hot weather, it is relaxing to get a shoeshine and watch the crowds. You will have people try to sell you handicrafts, but that could be fun, too. On Sundays, the entire plaza is full of food and drink stalls and vendors of local crafts.
James P
Los Angeles, California

There is no doubt that Plaza Grande is a place that you have to visit in Merida, Yucatan. There are plenty of activities for all types of visitors, such as shopping and restaurants. Also, you can enjoy the famous iconic buildings and relax at the plaza and enjoy the culture.